As a UHQLOGS buyer, it is imperative and your responsibility to thoroughly review and understand the terms of service. By comprehending and agreeing to these terms, you are legally bound by them, and no exceptions can be granted.

General Terms And Conditions
  • Modifications to the account information (name/email/password) are prohibited, unless explicitly stated in the account description. Any changes will result in the voiding of the warranty.
  • No Refunds. If an account doesn’t work, contact Live Chat within 3 hours of purchase date to exchange a non-working account into a valid account
  • Refunds are not available. If an account is non-functional, contact us within 1 Day of the purchase to initiate an exchange for a valid account.
  • Accounts that cease functioning after the 1-Day window are not eligible for replacement, and neither UHQLOGS nor any affiliated parties are obligated to provide a replacement.
  • All sales are considered final.
  • Any post-purchase conduct by the buyer is not the responsibility of UHQLOGS or any associated parties.
Privacy-related Information

Most credit card processors require a bank-issued card linked to specific personal information, including but not limited to your name, address, SSN, DOB, and others, which compromise your privacy and anonymity. If privacy is a concern, it's recommended to use cryptocurrency and a secure email like Gmail during checkout. · To ensure a secure transaction, temporary emails are not accepted for product delivery. Access to the specified email is essential, and UHQLOGS and all involved parties are exempt from liability regarding email accessibility or compatibility for purchased products.

Expectations and Conduct
  • Following completion of the transaction, the product(s) will be sent to the provided email address used during checkout. Upon receipt, it becomes the buyer's responsibility to promptly utilize the account and report any significant issues via DM to Live Chat on the website.
  • There is a 3 hour warranty on said products. Please use simple concise language and send photo documentation if possible.
  • A 1-Day warranty is applicable to these products. Clear and concise language, along with photo documentation if possible, should be used to communicate any concerns.
  • Trey Shop and said parties are not liable for the usage, stores acceptance or any other particular regarding the product.
  • Compensation is solely provided for the deficient portion, exclusively related to the specific account of the product.
  • UHQLOGS and affiliated parties are not liable for product usage, store acceptance, or any other aspect.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. UHQLOGS does not accommodate exchanges based on buyer's remorse. While a strict NO REFUND policy is upheld, extremely rare instances due to Acts of God may warrant exceptions at UHQLOGS's sole discretion.
  • The feedback system on the platform is not a support mechanism. Negative feedback without following directions voids warranty and future service. Any form of misrepresentation, deception, or malicious intent against UHQLOGS or any associated parties will result in the immediate termination of liability and customer eligibility. Such actions will lead to a BAN from all owned groups, affiliates, sister sites, and partner entities of UHQLOGS and its associated parties.
  • Bans are irreversible. Prior to initiating a transaction, it's crucial to understand your status and the terms of service. No refunds or products will be provided in the event of such actions. Attempts to bypass the system using multiple emails or deceitful methods will result in IP and MAC address blocks.
  • Issues should be addressed through support in a respectful and concise manner, specifically concerning UHQLOGS products that you have personally purchased. Support does provide tutorials; buyers are responsible for acquiring the knowledge to use purchased products.
Legal Statement

Goods and products offered by UHQLOGS are intended for educational and promotional purposes only. They reflect reality and should not be used otherwise. No illegal usage is intended. UHQLOGS and all associated parties relinquish all liability regarding buyer usage.

Read more about our Legal Statement here: https://uhqhub.com/legal

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